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cetacea: Source-controlled autobuilt Docker images with GitHub and AWS

A technology I hear about a lot these days is Docker, a containerization platform for distributing software.  I don't use it much myself, but it's a required component of other stuff that I use, such as AWS's CodeBuild service.  I use CodeBuild to build websites and web services, and in order to have a consistent build image, I've set up a pipeline to automatically publish Docker images containing my preferred build environment.

It's available in GitHub at stevenorum/cetacea.  The core of it is a CloudFormation stack that creates a couple resources: A CodeBuild project to create the images, an Elastic Container Registry repo to store them, and a CodePipeline pipeline to detect when new code gets pushed to the Git repo it's tracking and to kick off a build with that code.  My pipeline just builds a single image, but if you add more Dockerfiles and update the buildspec.yml file to include more commands, you could easily make it build several at once.


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